Database Administration

*  Installation and upgrades for Oracle RDBMS versions 6, 7, and 8.

*  Performance tuning.

*  Space management.

*  Migration from other databases or platforms.

*  Platform-specific tuning for Sun Solaris Unix, HP Unix, VAX VMS, and Windows NT.

*  Oracle Financials integration and administration.

*  Day-to-day operational support and administration.

*  Remote administration and diagnostics of Oracle systems.

Application Design and Development

*  Oracle Designer 2000.

*  Oracle developer (Forms and Reports).

*  PL/SQL stored procedures, packages, and triggers.

*  VB to Oracle applications.

*  Oracle WEB applications using Java and JDBC, Oracle Developer, and PL/SQL.

*  Pro*Ada and Pro*C .


*  Technical proposal writing and editing



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